Voda lets customers Tweet


Vodafone UK has become the first network to strike a deal with Twitter to allow customers to send updates and receive SMS notifications from the messaging network.

Customers can now send text messages from people they choose to follow via SMS on Twitter and send texts to 86444 for their “tweets”, @replies, or to follow someone on the go.

The text updates posted on Twitter are free for the first few weeks and will then become part of customers’ bundles. After the free period regular charges will apply to customers without bundles but all text updates sent from Twitter will remain free.

When receiving a text from Twitter with a URL, customers can click on the link and access the webpage directly from their mobiles.

Vodafone head of internet services Al Russell said: “Since we made social networks on the move both simple to use and great value, customers have flocked to using these services which have exploded in popularity.”