Orange updates cinema ads


Orange has unveiled its new cinema advertising starring Emilio Estevez and supported by a digital campaign.

The campaign, created by Fallon, will see Saving Private Ryan “re-envisoned” by the Orange Film Studios as Saving Private Ryan’s Number, as Orange continues to fill the 65 second slot before a film known as the “Gold Spot”.

Retaining characters Mr Dresden and Elliot from previous cinema campaigns, the advert will cover the production of the movie as well as being supported by an online campaign created by agency Poke. This will see the “film” advertised as if it was an actual cinema release, including a trailer and an interview by film critic Mark Kermode with the producers Dresden and Elliot.

“The Gold Spots have been a tremendous brand asset to us over the last 6 years helping solidify our position as the number one brand associated with film in the UK,” said Orange UK brand director Justin Billingsley. “With this new approach the challenge for us was to keep what made them great, whilst evolving them from a set of quarterly great ads to a campaign with new ways to access and interact with this idea that has entertained millions of people. Now combined with the digital work we have achieved this.”

Three further Gold Spots have been created by Fallon and will appear throughout the rest of the year.