Cutting Room: Avenir and Voda


But new Avenir boss Andy Tow, a law graduate, is clever, and perhaps a little bit desperate in the circumstances.

He filed the injunction against Price just as Vodafone publicly announced Tanny Price’s role at the network, two months after she joined – head of distribution with a hands-on brief to sort out Yes Telecom, which had been run ragged by former directors Simon Howitt, Kevan Wakerley and Ray Bell.

Certainly, Yes Telecom was a vastly different business to the one founder Keith Curran was ejected from a little over a year ago.

We understand Tow claims of Price (pictured) a breach of contract, a conflict of interests and prior knowledge of Vodafone’s intent to axe Avenir.

A couple of things. Surely, Price informed Avenir she was joining Vodafone (it was in the press). And surely her expertise in the dealer market lends her to certain very clear roles within Vodafone. Avenir and Tow must have been aware of that.

Price was extremely well regarded at Avenir. She served there for more than a decade, and was close to both UK staff and Group boss Jean-Daniel Beurnier. She was also extremely close to the dealer market.

None of this can have escaped Avenir’s attentions on letting her go. It is the reason Vodafone courted her in the first place. All of which suggests the injunction is late.

Full article in Mobile News issue 435 (March 23, 2009).

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