Voda and O2 launch ‘Twin Phone’


Following announcement of their network sharing deal, operators Vodafone and O2 have confirmed they will offer a new handset that will automatically latch onto the best tariff available from either network for any phone call.

The new handset, dubbed the ‘VO2 Twin Phone’, will come with a dual keypad and a split-screen, so each network may embed it with its own firmware and unique features. 

Vodafone and O2 will issue single dual SIMs for the handset. Customers will get an aggregated bill. The pair claim savings of around 30 per cent will be possible on local and international calls.

The device will go on sale in June from Vodafone and O2 stores. Dealers will not be permitted to the sell the device.

The Twin Phone will be made in a special faciity set up in the old Luton Vauxhall factory. Units made on a Friday will be marked for export to Third-World countries.

“We are delighted with the results of this unique collaboration between the two leading networks in the UK. The Twin Phone will make it easier than ever for people to call themselves,” said spokeswoman for the joint venture Avril Phoel.