Brightstar confirms Acer contract


Brightstar, Data Select and Micro-P will be the first mobile distributors to bring Acer smartphones to the UK this month.

Brightstar already had an Acer distribution licence, which covers its new handsets. Brightstar has claimed it is Acer’s largest European distributor.

Data Select will stock Acer’s entire UK smartphone range as well as PDAs and laptops.

Data Selec managing director George McPherson said the handsets would initially be sold SIM-free but Data Select would look at other ways to market them.

Said McPherson: “This is going to be a good partnership. It’s early days yet but the brand is good and people are very interested to see where Acer is going.

“It is challenging to come into a market as competitive as the UK, but Acer has nice products and the acceptance of them in our testing has been good.”

Acer has also awarded a UK distribution contract to IT reseller Micro-P, which will sell the devices through its smartphone distribution firm Portix, which it bought from online retailer Expansys for £1.15 million in May last year. Micro-P was unavailable for comment.

Acer UK sales director Julien Bertheuil said the distributors would bring the DX900 and X960 models to the UK this month.

Both are 3G touchscreen handsets although the DX900 features a dual SIM capacity. The X960 is more lifestyle oriented. He said discussions with networks were “ongoing”.