Fools who picked up our April Fool


Congratulations to, and

These “authoritative” web sites picked up our “scoop” story that Vodafone and O2 had “teamed up to introduce the Vo2 Twin Phone, a split-screen, dual keypad handset that will automatically fasten to the best tariff available on either network to make calls”.

We have no sympathy for the collective idiocy of our fellow journalists who slavishly parroted our joke as gospel without the most basic checks.  If the clue that it was an April Fool hoax wasn’t in the publication date of April 1 the giveaway was certainly was in the name of the spokeswoman – “Avril Phoel”. Silly billies.

Looks like we have to thank electronic press release distribution outfit M2 PressWIRE  ( who helped themselves to our unique and copyrighted content and dished it out to their clients (” Statement of editorial independence: It is important that you can trust and rely upon editorial material that you receive from M2″).  Oops.