MusicStation now for PC


Omnifone has announced that it has developed a ‘Desktop Edition’ of unlimited download service MusicStation.

MusicStation Desktop Edition enables users to download, play and share music on their PC and mobile. It is a subscription-based service available on prepay or bundled into selected tariffs.

Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong is the first telecom operator to roll out the service. UK pricing has yet to be announced.

Omnifone chief executive Rob Lewis (pictured) said: “The introduction of MusicStation Desktop Edition enables our partners to deliver interoperable unlimited music services to PC and mobile, generating significant revenues from digital music consumption.

“With the music industry facing 95 per cent piracy rates, Omnifone’s subscription based music services provide a legitimate alternative to illegal P2P filesharing, delivering unlimited access to millions of tracks over multiple device platforms.”

Omnifone has international licensing agreements in place for unlimited music downloads with all four major music labels and thousands of independents for MusicStation Desktop Edition. MusicStation Desktop Edition features play-based music recommendations, connected community functions, and instant search facilities.
MusicStation Desktop Edition can be provided by partners in conjunction with MusicStation Mobile Edition, enabling full interoperability across mobile and desktop platform, or on a stand alone basis over broadband. MusicStation Desktop Edition can synchronise with all other MusicStation-powered services and mobile devices.