Symbian Foundation launched


Symbian Foundation officially launched yesterday, beginning its beta site test programme.

Members of the Symbian community are being invited to give feedback on the site which will launch as a public beta in this quarter.

The site includes a full developer offering such as platform release information, software development kit access, tools and FAQs.

The Symbian Foundation was established last year and aims to create an open source mobile operating system. It will override all previous forms of the Symbian operating system. Sony Ericsson is the first handset manufacturer to announce it is bringing a Symbian Foundation-based handset to market next year, in the form of its ‘Idou’ 12-megapixel camera phone.

Symbian Foundation executive director Lee Williams said: “We’re excited to be working with our members and community friends on the public launch of our beta site – their feedback is extremely important in helping us evolve and develop our offering.

“With partners already contributing projects to the platform, members continuously showing their support, and the launch of our new beta site, we’re really excited about the next steps.

“Our role is to help create a mass technological movement towards open source for mobile, and to support a community in creating the most powerful software platform the world has ever seen.”