WorldSIM offers dual function


International roaming SIM provider WorldSIM has unveiled its new dual UK-US SIM at last week’s CTIA Wireless show in Las Vegas. The SIM has both a UK and a US mobile number attached to it.
The dual SIM allows charges for local and outbound calls from the US to be reduced to the level of European calling charges. The US number will also allow US customers to roam internationally on a US mobile number at a cheaper rate than other US operators.

The SIM also provides free roaming to the 55 other countries that London-based WorldSIM already provides free roaming for.  

WorldSIM director Arif Reza said: “Our UK-US SIM will revolutionise how people keep in touch when they travel on both sides of the Atlantic as they will no longer need two SIMS.”

WorldSIM is taking orders from distributors and retail customers for its new dual SIM.