Fone Logs helps subs process


Distributor Fone Logistics has launched a new service to allow dealers to outsource new customer connections in a bid a to improve their productivity and reduce overheads.

The service allows dealers to agree a contract with a customer and have Fone Logistics run the credit check and arrange the hardware deployment for them,

The service has been trialed by three dealers over the past 10 weeks. It is available for sole trader and small business connections on Orange and 3, and will be charged at £12.50 for the first handset and £7.50 for any thereafter.

Sales and marketing director Julien Parven (pictured) said: “We are helping dealers eliminate some of their overheads by doing the back office function of their transactions.
“Once they have secured a business connection we will do the final credit checks, let the dealer know the outcome, physically get the product ready for dispatch and then ship it to the end customer ourselves.
“This gives dealers increased productivity so they can spend more time securing deals rather than getting bogged down with processing handsets.”
“The benefits that this gives dealers are that it involves little or no admin for them, they can redeploy staff to other more essential tasks, it is cheaper and faster than them doing it themselves and is a good way of encouraging distant sales.”