Motorola grant for King’s College


Motorola has granted £20,000 to King’s College London to help support its Centre for Research on Evolution, Search and Testing (CREST).

King’s College London Professor Mark Harman said: “This grant will be key to helping our team continue and expand its research, positioning King’s College as one of the foremost facilities for software testing worldwide. We have worked extensively with the team at Motorola on the optimisation of software features for mobile phones and on issues relating to the testing of their products. We look forward to a continued and close collaboration in future.”

Motorola UK chairman Graeme Hobbs added: Graeme Hobbs, UK country manager and chairman Motorola Ltd commented: “The work done by the CREST team is pushing the boundaries for software testing and this work will help provide the next generation of user experience to advance the way the world connects.”

The Motorola grant of £20,000 will add to funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the European Union. The grant will specifically help CREST work with other national and international universities and businesses conferencing facilities. This investment builds on Motorola’s existing involvement as a member on the Industrial Advisory Board for the King’s College Computer Science Department.