Orange’s new retail programme


Orange launched a new sales initiative for customer-facing employees last week which will determine both job cuts and recruitment in sales departments in retail, online, portal advertising, telesales and B2B.

The programme will also introduce ‘Sales Legends’ a new reward scheme for its 3,800 sales consultants across all sales teams and ‘Sales Academy’ a training scheme.

Sales staffers will undergo an evaluation which will determine their sales ability and identify where changes to sales process need to be made.

Orange vice president of sales and loyalty Jean-Pascal Van Overbeke said during the evaluation it is likely some staff will be cut in certain departments and new staff will be recruited in others to boost productivity.

The programme will also identify the top 50 sales people across all sales channels. The best will be recognised internally each month and the top 50 over a six month period will be invited along with their partners to a “VIP event” on July 16. In order to qualify, staff must achieve at least 100 per cent of each of their individual targets. The top three performers will also receive prizes.

The event will run annually thereafter to recognise the achievement of its sales staff.

Van Overbeke said: “We want to build the best sales department in the country and to do this we need to reward and recognise the best sales people to incentivise them.

“People will leave the company if they underperform on their assessments. There isn’t a target level of how many should leave, but if they do not perform they will go as individual KPIs need to be reached. This is one of the biggest changes we have made in retail and is part of Tom Alexander’s initiative to be the best.”

Orange said it will also be revising staff pay plans and incentives as part of the programme.