Vodafone’s Price on trial in May


Former Avenir managing director Tanny Price (pictured) and former head of services Toby Wickenden will face trial at the High Court on May 5 after being accused by their former employer of a number of breaches of contract.

An injunction against Price and Wickenden working at Vodafone was granted at the High Court in London by Justice Beatson on February 23.

The pair appeared again for a preliminary hearing on March 31. The injunction stands.

Price and Wickenden have been accused of breaching their contractual obligations to Avenir by moving to join Vodafone, and specifically its service provision business Yes Telecom.

Price is also accused of breaching her fiducial duties as company director under Section 10 of the Companies Act.

Mobile News understands the allegations made against the two former employees do not relate to intellectual property theft, as some dealers in the industry had been lead to believe.

The injunction against Price and Wickenden will remain until the case is concluded. Avenir and Vodafone declined to comment at the time of going to press.

Avenir is continuing to push O2 and Orange connections following the loss of its Vodafone distribution contract in February. Connections to the two networks have been strong.