New Nokia BB5 crack faulty


A glitch in the new Nokia BB5 direct unlocking update for the Universal and NT Pro Box (pictured) has seen the solution destroy some handsets.
Phones such as the Nokia N96 and N79 cannot be unlocked by the solution at all.

Those containing software version 58.58, such as the Nokia 6300, 5310 and 6500 Classic and Slide, are proving problematic.

When the update was released a few weeks ago, unlockers hailed it as a breakthrough. Its makers claimed it provided a solution for all BB5 handsets in a matter of seconds.

Complete Communications proprietor Adam Nyman said that when he attempted to unlock a 6500 Classic, it corrupted the IMEI number. The phone was unlocked but it couldn’t be picked up by a network because the IMEI code was damaged, he said.

“There are definitely a few flaws with the solution and it’s not totally safe” he said. “It could cost you a lot of money if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

“I would advise others to do their homework before using this solution and to be very careful.”

Phone Tek-Nation store manager Jamie Turner said: “We’ve seen cases where the phone is unlocked but a message appears telling the customer to contact their service provider.

“I would avoid trying to unlock these phones with these solutions at all costs as it’s likely to totally destroy the phone.”

Another unlocker said: “It’s a way of Nokia trying to stay a step ahead of us by installing this software. It seems to be taking the route Apple has taken with the iPhone in trying to make life as hard as possible for unlockers.”