Azzurri signs £4.5m Spire deal


Azzurri Communications has signed a £4.5 million, three-year managed telephony service with private healthcare organisation Spire Healthcare.

The service, which includes fixed and mobile telephony, will be rolled out to Spire’s 36 hospitals in the UK and enable it exploit the most commercially advantageous operator tariffs via a single supplier.

It also includes Azzurri’s Telecoms Expense Management (TEM) and will ensure the continued evaluation of fixed and mobile operator tariffs, with any savings passed on to Spire in cash, discounts or additional consultancy time.

Azzurri sales and marketing director Jason Standerwick (pictured) said: “It’s easy to demonstrate one-off savings from telecom audits, but considerably harder to track and apply tariffs dynamically, and pass on those rate reductions.

“Azzurri’s heritage in the telecoms industry coupled with our Virtual Network Operator model means we can flex and change our service portfolio according to market trends or as businesses scale up, and down, meaning our customers receive the service they need, at a competitive cost.”

Spire Healthcare telecoms support manager Richard Eyley said: “Azzurri, already a tried and trusted partner, demonstrated avenues where we could make immediate savings across the estate, and presented an upgrade package that would allow us to benefit from the latest technologies and applications.

“Having a service provider that proactively seeks to drive down the cost of our telecoms expenditure, and bring innovation to the table, is in the interests of all our stakeholders.”