Sharp End: DM3, ‘distie’ safety


DM3 days are numbered

The DM3 solution has ruled supreme in the world of unlocking Nokia phones for some months now. It has been the only real solution for unlocking most of the latest BB5+ range of handsets.

However the day has finally come for DM3 to move over. In the last week or so, a flurry of new unlocking solutions and add-ons for existing boxes have arrived that give unlimited free unlocking of these handsets or at the very least offer unlocking of BB5+ phones via a credit-based system that can bring the cost down to a very reasonable £7 or £8 each.
DM3 has had a very good run and the guys must have made an absolute fortune during their exclusive period of unlocking.

I overheard another dealer just after Christmas whilst I was waiting to book in a DM3 unlock at my local wholesaler who received a visit from the DM3 guys twice a week.

This other dealer was trying to negotiate a price for unlocking a “batch” of 700 Nokia 5300s.

Even if he did manage a special price, the DM3 guys must have charged in the region of £5,000 – the going rate for a single unlock was in the region of £14. Now that’s just one dealer in one town on one day.
Looks like it’s now back over to Nokia to change its encryption process again. The fun will begin all over again.

Is your ‘distie’ safe?

There are some rumblings lately about the stability of certain distributors?

Questions are being bandied around as to just how safe dealer commissions are with the various distributors given the current economic climate where it seems no-one is safe.

One distributor in particular has been attracting some concern of late with dealers saying they are hearing privately it is feeling the pinch and raising serious concerns over their commissions owed to them.

It certainly would be bad news if one of the main dealer distributors were to go to the wall as no doubt this would have the serious knock-on effect of forcing many independent dealers to the wall also.

Do yourselves a favour and chase your money as soon as you are owed it.

I’d also recommend getting a credit rating about your current main supplier and to do anything else that you can to ease your mind. At the end of the day, your supplier will do all they can to satisfy themselves about your credentials and viability so why not check them out also?

Full article in Mobile News issue 435 (March 23, 2009).

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