XLN boosts base with purchase


B2B dealer and service provider XLN Telecom has completed the acquisition of a fixed line provider with a managed base of 30,000 lines.

XLN, a BT Openreach fixed line and broadband wholesale partner, said the purchase contract precludes it revealing the identity of the subject business for two months, until its staff and customers are made aware.

XLN will run the business as it is. It will add another 25,000 customers to its base, increasing XLN’s customer base by 30 per cent, according to XLN chief executive Anthony Karibian (pictured). He said its customer ARPU will rise 25 per cent with the deal also.

Incoming customers will have access to XLN’s wholesale line rental system, which provides its service advisors direct access to BT Openreach’s systems and enables them to provision numbers, resolve billing issues, and book BT Openreach engineers in a single call.

XLN claims BT Openreach has been impressed with its wholesale line rental system deployment,  to the point it has encouraged XLN to offer it to other resellers.

Karibian said: “The industry is continuing to consolidate. We are in a strong position to grow the business and expand in to other areas such as mobile. The fixed line and mobile side is converging and we want to be a part of that.

“Our wholesale line rental system costs a substantial amount of money and this is something smaller businesses don’t have the resource to do.”

Meanwhile, XLN has also partnered with Opal Telecom to use its £200 million Next Generation Network (NGN) to enable improved fixed line services, faster broadband speeds and VoIP. 

The partnership follows XLN’s announcement in October of a wholesale calls agreement with BT Openreach.

Karibian said: “It underlines evolution of the telecoms industry that we can now partner with organisations that until recently we may have viewed as direct competitors.”

Opal head of the reseller and distribution channel Andy Hollingworth added: “This allows XLN to leverage the many benefits of Opal’s NGN and will enable customers true 21st century communications.”