iPhone app downloads to hit 1bn


Mobile research firm Mobile Squared has predicted that iPhone application downloads will reach one billion on April 23.

According to Mobile Squared, Apple is experiencing average daily downloads of 5.1 million applications. The company has calculated that at this rate it will reach one billion by April 23.

At the start of December Apple announced it had passed the 200 million download mark, followed by an announcement of 500 million downloads by January 19.

Mobile Squared chief researcher Nick Lane said: “It took Apple almost six months to reach its first 500 million app
downloads and the following 500 million downloads in just 94 days. That equates to an improved average daily download figure of 2.98 million for the first 500 million to 5.32 million per day for the second 500 million downloads.”

Mobile Squared’s research concludes that  around 75 per cent of Apple applications downloaded are free. Of those paid-for apps, the average cost per download is around US$2.20 (£1.48).

It has also calculated that on April 23, the average number of paid-for Apple downloads will reach 250 million generating revenues of US$550 million. Based on Apple’s 30-70 revenue share model, apps have generated an additional US$165 million for Apple and US$385 million to the developer and publisher community.