Avenir to offer Opal fixed line


B2B telecoms distributor Avenir Telecom has launched its first fixed-line broadband package after partnering with Opal.

The deal marks the first time Opal has partnered with a sole B2B air time distributor, and will provide Avenir dealers with its ‘Premium Grade’ broadband package, with speeds up to 24mbps downstream and 1mbps upstream as standard using Opals next generation network.

Customers will also receive up to 100GB of download allowance each month, with a guaranteed bandwidth priority for business traffic, preventing a performance slow down during peak times.

Installation also includes a business-grade router worth £129.99 and customers can chose between seven ‘builders’ packages for businesses to customise their deal and includes international call, peak and off peak packages.

Avenir managing director Andy Tow (pictured) said: “There could be no better partner than Opal to deliver Avenir’s dealers with a compelling business broadband solution.

“They have been in business for over 15 years and carry a huge amount of broadband traffic every month. And, just as Avenir is dedicated to B2B telecoms, Opal is a B2B broadband specialist with a team of over 900 professionals, all based in the UK.

“Avenir is committed to providing its dealers with as many legitimate cross-sell and up-sell opportunities as possible.

“We’re continually developing our portfolio to enable our clients to better equip themselves in today’s marketplace and to benefit from increased revenue achieved outside of traditional mobile airtime offerings.

‘This includes – but is by no means restricted to – accessories, broadband, applications and devices.”

Opal’s director of wholesale Andrew Hollingworth said: “The partnership came as a result of Opal providing Avenir with a premium broadband solution dedicated to business and backed by a market leading support and commercial model.

“We are delighted with the contract with Avenir as their strong dealer base provides us with an excellent opportunity to increase our market share.”