Parallel Lines: Moving forward


Convergence is something every B2B-based operation should already have bought into. If they haven’t already, they’re in real danger of getting left behind.

Offering a landline service is extremely important now. It has always seemed like an area in which it’s hard to get customers through the door.

But we sell an awful lot more now and it’s proving hugely popular. It’s at a point where no customer has yet refused to show us their bill, so the opportunities for growth in this area are certainly there.

The market is always competitive and it’s understandable that companies are looking to save money, but you need an edge over your competitors. You have to search for other avenues to get in front and push on from there.

For example, we’re strongly aligned with O2 and we’ll look for companies that maybe deal with T-Mobile but won’t touch O2. They may sign up with us and even if they’re only bringing in a few connections on a weekly basis, they all add up.

Making a good early impression and developing relationships with customers, so they know you’re there for them long-term, leads to recommendations for new business.

And new business can be hard to come by, so recommendations are crucial. We often receive positive feedback and it’s becoming a strong link to new business.

There are two sides to the situation everyone finds themselves in at the moment – they’ll either consolidate their business and look to stabilise or they’ll take a gamble and see it as a time for expansion. Dealers can’t afford to sit back. We need to continue to be positive and grow the business.

Full article in Mobile News issue 436 (April 6, 2009).

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