LG launches Viewty follow-up


LG has announced the launch of the LG Viewty Smart, the follow up to its original Viewty handset.

The phone comes with an 8-megapixel camera with ‘Intelligent Shot Mode’, which analyses the subject, background and lighting conditions and compares the data against seven pre-programmed scenarios. Once the picture is taken, feedback is provided to show how exactly the camera is analysing a particular scene.

The ISO setting can be set to a maximum 1600, which LG said allows shots previously considered too dim or too dark to be captured without using a flash. Other imaging functionalities include an LED flash and multi-face detection, as well as DVD-quality video recording.

The Viewty Smart also includes the same 3D UI that debuted on the LG Arena and features an on-screen dial to allow the switching of shot modes and a thumbnail photo viewer that shows recently taken photos without having to switch to a photo gallery.

Other features include a 3-inch WVGA screen, HSDPA and Wi-Fi compatibility, A-GPS and 1.5GB of on-board memory that can be expanded to 32GB using a microSD card.

LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company president and CEO Dr. Skott Ahn said: “LG Viewty is back and better than ever, with new smart camera applications that take care of all the complicated camera adjustments and processing for you.

“LG Viewty Smart represents the next generation of LG camera phones, and will drive LG leadership in the camera phone industry with its innovative, smart technology.”

LG Mobile UK head of marketing Jeremy Newing said: “LG understands the importance to consumers of being able to capture quick and spontaneous moments while out on the move. Building on the success and heritage of the Viewty brand, the new LG Viewty Smart, with its Intelligent Shot Mode, means now it couldn’t be simpler and quicker for mobile phone users to capture those special moments.”

The LG Viewty Smart will be available from Orange in the UK from next month.