Nimans moves into mobile


Telecoms distributor Nimans has extended into the mobile market, selling a range of SIM free handsets and accessories from £22.

Its resellers can choose from up to 40 handset models from brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG. More are being added each month.

Nimans chairman Julian Niman (pictured), who sealed a £12.45 million acquisition of rival telecoms distributor Rocom earlier this month, said the move added an important new dimension to the company’s product portfolio, whose core line is telephony systems.

Mobile handsets currently available include the Acer DX900, HTC Touch Diamond and Nokia E71.

Said Niman: “We have responded to requests from resellers and moved into a new area of activity to meet customer expectations. It makes sense for us to embrace mobile as well as fixed line telecoms technology as there are great synergies between the two. We are already experts at selling Bluetooth technology such as headsets, so introducing mobiles is the next logical step to take.

“There are now more mobile phones in the UK than people so there are great opportunities for ourselves and our customers to capitalise on. Resellers can buy anything from a basic mobile handset to the latest highly sophisticated models, all backed by our renowned service and support excellence.”