T-Mobile to launch second Android


T-Mobile has confirmed it will launch a second Android handset in the summer, as G1 sales near 100,000.

T-Mobile, who launched the G1 Android with Google handset six months ago, has today confirmed it will launch a second Android device in the coming months, after the original became it biggest selling device.

T-Mobile also confirmed a G1 a software update dubbed ‘Cupcake’, will be available for download from May1.

Update features include video record and playback, a touch screen QWERTY keyboard and a number of new widgets to sit on the device.

The update will also alert the user for any new software updates in the future, allowing the customer to have the latest version at all times.

T-Mobile head of internet and entertainment Richard Warmsley said: “Sales of the T-Mobile G1 have exceeded our expectations and we are very excited to hit the milestone of 100,000 units sold in just over six months.

“Our customer research has shown us that nine out of 10 G1 users would recommend it to a friend and this is down to the great user experience, web browsing via T-Mobile’s Broadband network, the value a customer receives on our 18 month price plans, and G1 features such as the slide-out QWERTY keyboard.”