Paul: Sony Ericsson repairs


Sony Ericsson handset issues. It’s certainly not new. This time, however, it is the manufacturer’s repair centres that are bearing the brunt of dealers’ ire.

Sony Ericsson does suffer quality issues on its handsets and has done so for a while. It is something the troubled manufacturer is attempting to put right, along with myriad other issues.

Dealers are adamant Sony Ericsson’s repair centres are nowhere near the standard of those accredited by Nokia and Samsung in terms of their turnaround times.

There are a couple of issues here. Firstly, Sony Ericsson needs to get to grip with its fault-prone handsets right away.

Secondly, its repair centres need to improve. Or else, Sony Ericsson needs to carry out a thorough review of the repair centres it accredits.
Nokia and Samsung are getting it right, so why shouldn’t Sony Ericsson be doing the same?

Repairing phones and getting them back swiftly is crucial. Delays cause huge frustration for retailers and customers.

Ultimately both will lose faith in the brand. Handset faults are the biggest issue, of course. But if the devices can be dealt with swiftly, and the issues can be eliminated, then it buys Sony Ericsson some time to sort out its root problems.