Parallel Lines: Flexibility is key


Everybody knows it’s tough out there. We’re seeing a reluctance from end users to commit to longterm contracts, whether it’s to do with mobile, fixed line or a fully converged solution. There is an increasing reliance on more flexible packages.

We are seeing an increasing requirement for converged solutions – for a fixed and mobile contract that is joined together. Channel partners who are not offering this are going to find themselves struggling against partners that have already made this an integral part of their businesses.

A year or two ago, customers weren’t so concerned with optimising their telecoms spend to reduce general overheads. It wasn’t such a priority. But this new appetite for cost and efficiency savings has increased customer demand for converged packages.

We are seeing a greater proportion of tenders coming from customers who are looking to combine both parts of their communications needs to see how they can save money. Channel partners that have picked this up are working really well.

So, there is business to be won out there. And it isn’t for a specific type of customer – it is across the board.

It’s all about being more flexible, not just contractually, but in terms of being able to account for office moves, or downsizing and growth. Some dealers who are new to this have overlooked this.

Customers previously were happy to sign contracts that required a big fixed commitment because that’s all that dealers were pushing. Now, it’s not what people are looking for.

They want something that helps them cope with the changes in business; something that allows them to adhere to month on month commitments rather than year on year.

Full article in Mobile News issue 437 (April 20, 2009).

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