Tanny Price out of Vodafone


Tanny Price’s role as Vodafone head of distribution has been aborted, Mobile News understands.

It comes after a legal tussle between Vodafone and Price’s former employer Avenir Telecom.

An email today (May 5, 2009) from Vodafone to staff at its Yes Telecom service provision unit in Manchester explained Price would not return to head up either Vodafone distribution or the Yes Telecom business.

The email said Price would not resume her role for personal reasons.

Vodafone enterprise director Peter Kelly was in Manchester today to explain the move, according to sources close to the situation.

Vodafone said in a statement: “Tanny Price has decided to leave Vodafone to spend more time with her family and to pursue other opportunities. We would like to take this opportunity to wish Tanny well in her future endeavours.”

Avenir secured an injunction against Price, along with former Avenir head of services Toby Wickenden, working at Vodafone on February 23.

The pair were due to face trial at the High Court today, accused by Avenir of a number of breaches of contract. Price was accused of breaching her fiducial duties as company director under Section 10 of the Companies Act.

The case has been dismissed.

A decision on Wickenden’s role within Vodafone is pending, Mobile News understands.

Price was appointed by Vodafone in October, and worked alongside new Avenir managing director Andy Tow at Avenir’s Borehamwood headquarters during a two-month handover period ahead of Christmas.

Her specific role at Vodafone was only revealed by Vodafone in early February. Avenir’s Vodafone distribution contract was terminated a week later and Avenir claimed foul play and sought an injunction against her appointment.

Vodafone said: “Avenir Telecom UK and Vodafone today confirm they have reached an agreement regarding the termination of their distribution relationship.

“As a result, a related matter concerning two former employees of Avenir who recently joined Vodafone has also been satisfactorily concluded.

“Vodafone and Avenir have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship over the past fifteen years and both companies will continue to collaborate on other projects.

“Neither Vodafone nor Avenir are able to comment further on the matter.”