Operator service needs improving


New research has found that whilst the majority of mobile phone websites exceed expectations for new customers, the service offered to existing customers once they have logged into their account needs to be improved.

Customer experience company Global Reviews has benchmarked mobile websites ‘post log-in’ to assess the content and utility offered to existing customers.

It objectively measured the customer experience of six mobile phone websites – Orange, O2, Vodafone, 3, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile. The sites were assessed against more than 550 objective criteria post log-in including account management, billing and payment, customer support, phone management and overall website utility.

The study found that the average score for the post log-in benchmark was only 42 per cent, compared to the average for the new customer benchmark of 55 per cent.

The company said that it’s understandable that the post log-in score is less than the acquisition score as operators have until recently put less emphasis and development into the customer servicing section of the site. It did however add that 13 per cent is a huge difference which highlights how far operators have to go in their drive to get customer to self serve online rather than phoning their call centres.

Post log-in the websites scored an average of 54 per cent, close to meeting customer expectations, for ‘Site Utility’ – the quality of the home page, the search, navigation and security.

Global Reviews director Bertie Stevenson said: “The mobile phone companies have understandably focused on attracting and converting customers. However they now need to look at improving the service offered of existing customers online, to ensure customers look online before picking up the phone.

“We always urge companies to look at what their peers are doing to service their customers online. This is harder, for post log in experience, but is equally important.”