Voda mobile ads in 18 markets


Vodafone has launched mobile advertising in 18 markets globally within an 18-month period.

In the last year, over 2,000 campaigns have been launched by Vodafone Marketing Solutions for its brand partners.

Vodafone said it will continue to invest in mobile advertising and launch marketing in new markets through its partnerships with Mobilkom, Proximus, Vodacom, and China Mobile.

Vodafone is currently trialing and developing new services for mobile marketing.

Currently in trial is zonal marketing, allowing customers to receive messages from brands relevant to their profile and realtime location, incoming voice/text alerts enabling customers to receive points to redeem against goods or services and branded applications and widgets.

Also on trial is location-based advertising for points of interest such as shops, restaurants and petrol stations and an enhanced mobile internet browser.
Vodafone is developing ‘myCampaign’, an online self-service platform for mobile advertisers in Germany and Czech Republic with roll out planned in other markets.

Vodafone head of internet discovery Rick Fant said: “In the current economic climate brands will look even harder at their budgets and how they spend them.

“We are pleased with the performance of Vodafone’s mobile advertising business and that more and more brands are moving spend to this innovative medium.

“Over the next year it’s natural for us to continue to invest in and improve our offering for all customers, be they consumer and business subscribers or our brand and agency customers around the world.”