Orange in social networking surge


Orange has revealed that it has seen monthly page impressions on social networking sites soar by 129 per cent.

In its latest Digital Media Index, the operator found that has also been a 48 per cent increase in monthly unique users, as well as a 53 per cent increase in the average number of pages per user, per month.

The Orange Digital Media Index is a detailed report focussing on usage patterns across the company’s entertainment and communications services to show how consumer habits are changing. Figures in this recent report from December 2008 until February 2009, are compared to the report which covered the three month period from July to September 2008.

Orange director of products, portals and service Paul Jevons said: “We’ve seen an enormous increase in data usage across all our entertainment and communication services, including internet, email, multimedia messaging, music downloads, photo uploads and gaming.

“It is clear that innovative, exciting and accessible content for the mobile platform is increasing the popularity of mobile services which are embedded on handsets or downloaded through application stores.”

The report also showed an explosion in data usage, which has more than doubled on mobiles and dongles. Dongle data usage increased by 4,125 per cent in a year, dongle subscriptions surged by over 504 per cent and mobile handset data usage increased by 108 per cent.

Jevons said: “Customers are repeatedly enjoying the intuitive and seamless mobile internet experience to access a greater quantity and quality of content that is designed specifically for the mobile portal – whether that’s music, videos or games – helping to drive consumer traffic.

“An explosion in the number of mobile applications and new embedded laptops will boost mobile data demand even further in the coming months.”

In addition, the report showed a 38 per cent increase in music and video downloads, with an eight per cent rise in the number of games downloaded.