HSC launches O2 dealer incentives


HSC has launched two O2 promotions to assist dealers in the transitional period where they are adjusting to revenue share.

The Capital Bonds Sales Incentive sees dealers making new O2 BlackBerry connections throughout May and June in with a chance of winning £2,500 worth of Capital Bonds vouchers to spend at an array of retailers, hotel groups, travel companies and experiences.

The second promotion is a laptop incentive, whereby dealers are offered a free Acer Aspire 5315 laptop for every 10 new O2 business or mobile broadband connections (or any mix of the two).

A HSC spokesperson said: “Both initiatives drive high spend business that will maximise the long-term revenue payments and provide O2 with the type of quality connections that they target their distributors with achieving.

“We are committed to providing dealers with attractive propositions in addition to standard network terms to strengthen their position in the market and to demonstrate our support to our network partners for the long-term opportunities the new world of revenue share will provide.”