Get Connected uses Supercover


Get Connected has struck an agreement with Supercover Insurance to provide a new mobile and gadget insurance product to the customers of shopping in its stores.

The retailer will offer cover for all the products it provides such as mobiles and Sat Nav devices. The deal also includes the provision of management intelligence software that allows businesses to evaluate sales and calculate and monitor commission by staff member, individual store and the company as a whole.

Get Connected managing director Damian Cole (pictured) said: “Since changing insurance provider we’ve seen an increase in sales and, more importantly, a decrease in policy cancellations due to a superior product and much improved customer experience.”

Supercover Insurance’s Carmi Korine said: “We’re a niche market in dealing with insurance for consumer-portable high-intrinsic value items, and therefore not a massive or massively well-known business.

“But our products, reliability and service standards have been developed and established over the past 15 years – and we trust we engender is reflected in partnerships with big names such as Kwik Fit and now Get Connected.”