3 and BT call to end MTRS


3 has teamed up with BT and a range of consumer and business groups to call for mobile termination rates (MTRs) to be slashed.

The “Terminate the Rate” campaign is calling for an end to high MTRs, or the rates communications providers charge each other to transfer calls from customers on different neworks. 3 claims this can account for as much as 80 per cent of the per minute price of a fixed line to mobile call.

In a statement, the network said this was more than 10 times the termination rate charged to call a fixed line and that last year, UK mobile networks charged £750 million in MTRs for fixed line customers to call mobiles. The campaign has set up a website, www.terminatetherate.org, for people to register their interest.

The campaign’s members also include Carers UK, Money Supermarket, the National Union of Students, the GMB Union and the Federation of Small Businesses.

3 UK chief executive Kevin Russell said: “Our calculations show that the cost of terminating a call on a mobile network is less than a penny. The current regime allows all mobile operators to charge much more, at a cost of millions of pounds to UK consumers. If we ‘Terminate the unfair Rate’, everyone will save money. As charges come down, competition between operators will bring down prices for consumers. When this happens we will be able to provide flat rate, unlimited calling offers which include numbers on any UK network. This will give consumers real freedom.”