Fonehouse signs prospects


Fonehouse managed to obtain about 30 new possible prospects and made verbal agreements with three dealers to join its franchise programme following a seminar for its partners last week.

The seminar, held at Chelsea in West London, saw 25 partners representing 15 of the retailer’s franchise stores attend with others interested in signing up also in attendance.

T-Mobile head of independent retail Roger Fletcher and Vodafone head of consumer sales Tom Devine represented the two networks featuring in Fonehouse’s stores. In keynote speeches, both reaffirmed the great progress the franchise programme has achieved since its launch a year ago and reiterated their desire to work closely with the partners.

Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG and BlackBerry were also in attendance to present product roadmaps.

Fonehouse managing director Clive Bayley (pictured) said: “The seminar was great and the prospect of getting many more partners on board following this is a real plus.

“All the messages from the networks and manufacturers were very positive.  They showed the partners that they really want to support them and their message to anyone not currently a partner was that they really should get on board and join this programme.”

Fonehouse sales manager Andy Lockwood said: “There were people there that we had spoken to but not met and others that we knew really well. It was great to get everyone under one roof.

“As soon as it finished, I was approached by a dealer who said that he would like to become a partner. That shows how effective this conference was. This was a big achievement for us and shows that we have real pulling power in this industry.”