HSC unveils T-Mobile initiative


HSC launched its new T-Mobile PROStockist programme at a dealer conference in Grove, Oxfordshire last week.

The event attracted 20 HSC dealers who heard that PROStickist members will receive wide ranging support across a number of T-Mobile areas.

To join the programme requires 50 new connections/upgrades per quarter and 15 new business connections for business benefits.

A retention target of 85 per cent has been set. T-Mobile will ring-fence dealers’ customers to prevent direct activity from the networks into their base.

HSC sales manager Carlos Pestana said: “Protection of your customer base is vital in maintaining a successful business.  All  base and new business customers connecting to T-Mobile will be protected from any direct network activity.  Our retentions team and business account support will help retain your customers at the point of upgrade.”

Pestana said PROStockists will soon be able to offer comparable direct deals to enable members to offer a free USB modem and free laptop to customers. They would also be allowed access to The Carphone Warehouse’s Geek Squad department for assistance in technical support issues.

A number of exclusive incentives and rewards are also on offer for members. Dealer leagues will be established based on volume, data and quality, with league winners rewarded every six months.

The first regional sales incentive runs from June 1 until August 31, with three ‘Millionaires Weekends’ up for grabs. The winners will receive a two-night stay for two at a luxury hotel with access to a luxury sports car for the weekend.

Point of sale material (POS) and stock allocation is being improved. PROStockists will get first access to newer dummy handsets and POS through an online order portal, with partners receiving preferred allocation of T-Mobile stock.

Members will be able to work with HSC to arrange BlackBerry and T-Mobile off-site training sessions for business.

HSC business manager Bob Sweetlove said: “This is a new category of stockist. On T-Mobile, the minimum performance levels to be a stockist is 15 connections per quarter and to be a direct dealer it’s 150 connections per quarter.

“We’re trying to close the gap between a stockist and a direct dealer by giving the stockist who can give us a little more the ability to perform and access network tools similar to a direct account.

“We may not close the gap completely, but it’s about taking the better stockists that have committed more to T-Mobile and do more than the minimum requirements, say making 50 connections in the quarter.

“It’s all part of the same ethos that T-Mobile has been working on since the middle of last year which is working closer with fewer partners.

“The net effect is we’ll write more business. We’re doing more T-Mobile business now than in a long time.”