LG in £2m ad campaign


LG Mobile has signed a £2 million bespoke advertising deal with Channel 4.
The agreement covers programming specifically targeting 16 to 24 year olds across key programmes from the US and the UK. The series contained within the deal share a common theme of learning and growing through relationships.
The deal, which will run until December 2009, was negotiated by Mindshare’s specialist team, Invention, and is valued at more than £2 million. In a sponsorship style format, the campaign will feature 15, five and 10 second slots either side of the commercial break.
LG Mobile UK head of marketing Jeremy Newing (pictured) said: “LG’s deal with Channel 4 is an important step in our strategy to engage more closely with consumers. The partnership will give LG a platform for communicating our brand values and showcasing new devices.

“The creative execution is key to this and we believe that it’s the style of the campaign that viewers will relate to.”