Azzurri wins £5m OCS deal


Support services company OCS has signed a three-year managed services agreement with Azzurri Communications, worth £5 million, for the provision of its entire fixed voice and data estate.

The service claims savings of at least £200,000 per year, providing increased bandwidth to major sites.

OCS said it wanted to put in place a robust network to support an integrated UK company following a period of significant growth and a series of mergers and acquisitions.

The service  will continuously evaluate OCS’ communications infrastructure and expenditure.

Azzurri’s Virtual Network Operator (VNO) model ensures OCS is not tied to a particular technology nor supplier, but is provided with flexibility and agility to adapt to meet changing business needs.

OCS director of ICT Jenny Sener said: “The ability to incorporate all our communications into one contract was extremely compelling.

“With Azzurri we have found a new way to procure and manage our ICT estate; by integrating voice and data into one, we can remove the complexities of managing multiple operators and pricing models. Critically this will allow us to focus on better delivering our services to our customers”.

Azzurri spotted clear savings for the OCS  highlighting issues such as redundant lines and legacy PBX charges that have since been replaced with IP Telephony infrastructure.

It added that this has provided immediate cost savings as well as a more robust long-term telephony strategy.

Azzurri will refresh the managed service to assess and deploy best-price rates, reduce duplicate billing, excess capacity and redundant lines. It will also provide OCS with 24/7 monitoring and fault resolution and real-time visibility of reporting via a web portal.

Azzurri Communications sales and marketing director Jason Standerwick said: “As organisations converge technology, it has become clear that converging spend through a combined procurement strategy also makes good business sense.

“By consolidating voice and data into one flexible contract, we are able to transform the way organisations like OCS procure and manage its ICT, and ultimately, transform benefits they get back.

“OCS is a great example of a rapidly growing organisation, for which competitive advantage lies in its business agility.

“The ongoing and collaborative evaluation and reassessment that lies at the heart of our service helps improve that business agility by ensuring OCS benefit from a flexible network and service that is highly aligned to the needs of the business, all the time.”