Genesis in hosted exchange drive


Service provider Genesis Communications is set to launch three new hosted exchange products, including hosted email which stands to grow by 80 per cent.

Genesis is launching Exchange Core, Hosted CRM Core and Sharepoint Core on June 1 for new and existing end users.

Exchange Core and Hosted CRM Core will be on rolling monthly contracts at a cheaper rate than current hosted services.

Exchange Core is Genesis’ new hosted email service offering unlimited storage for mailboxes. Currently, typical mailbox sizes are 4GB while Microsoft has launched an 8GB account. Genesis said it is able to offer the unlimited capacity after it purchased a storage area network worth £4.8 million.

Genesis product marketing director Mark Seemann (pictured) said the company anticipates 80 per cent growth in its hosted email customer base once the service is launched.

Seemann said: “Exchange Core will redefine the hosting market because around the world, the email hosted exchange market is based around selling email accounts and storage of around 4GB mailboxes.

“There is no minimum contract. We call it ‘elastic IT’ because it allows users to stretch their IT usage.”

Hosted CRM Core uses Microsoft Dynamic CRM and reduces the typical standard retail price from £50 to £30.

Seemann said: “We haven’t dropped the price just to be competitive, but to allow small companies to afford the product.”

Lastly, Genesis is launching Sharepoint Core to all its existing and new customers for free. Sharepoint Core allows mobile customers to open documents on a mobile or laptop.

Meanwhile, Genesis has upgraded its ‘MyAccount’ service to enable customers to view, analyse and customise their online account.

MyAccount provides access to reports for each individual user on the account. Other features include details such as call duration.

There is also the ability to see the users that incur the highest monthly costs.

Genesis will also launch a new mobile product on a rolling contract in partnership with Vodafone in July.