Micro-P in O2 dongle drive


Micro-Peripherals (Micro-P) has been handed a distribution contract by O2 and the task of expanding its reach into the IT reseller channel.

Micro-P managing director Gerry O’Keefe told Mobile News Micro-P is looking to supply O2 mobile broadband dongles via around 4,000 active monthly IT reseller accounts.

As with its ongoing deal with 3, signed last October, Micro-P will bundle O2 mobile broadband dongles with netbooks, laptops and handsets for resale in the SME market.

Its 3 mobile broadband bundles have gone beyond their initial run last year on Samsung netbooks to include devices from all its vendor partners, including Sony, Acer and Toshiba. This month, it offered a free 3 prepay dongle to resellers  that sign up online (www.3dongle4free.co.uk).

Likewise, Micro-P is bundling O2 mobile broadband dongles with a range of netbooks and laptops, and is also supplementing sales with O2 voice/data packages on a range of smartphones.

O’Keefe said Micro-P’s handset and accessories division Portix, purchased last year, will play an essential part in support of the new mobile offering to resellers.

Micro-P has structured the package for the IT reseller channel so they take an upfront payment with no risk of clawback.

Micro-P is also offering a 24-month hardware warranty, anti-virus protection and Microsoft Office-compatible software suite.

It has also set up a web portal for sales, so resellers can either offer the bundles to the customer via their own websites or enter details themselves for a straight fulfilment service. Micro-P packs and ships stock directly from its warehouse headquarters in Altham, Lancashire, within 24 hours.

O’Keefe said: “As part of our continued business growth and development, we are very pleased to have been appointed an authorised distributor by O2.

“This partnership gives us a really strong proposition and further underlines us as the market leader in mobile distribution.”

It has also been reported that Micro-P is close to signing with Lenovo for server supply. Mobile News understands it is finalising a deal to distribute Lenovo’s ThinkServer range. Micro-P works already with Fujitsu for server distribution.