Orange launches £5 a month tariff


Orange has launched a £5 a month tariff for customers, the lowest price point on the market.

Customers signing up to a 36-month contract will receive 50 free minutes, 50 free texts and a Nokia 2630 handset.

Orange has also launched two other tariffs. For £10 a month, customers will get 100 free minutes, 300 texts and a Nokia 3600 handset while those signing up to the £15 a month tariff will receive 200 free minutes, unlimited texts and a Nokia 6500 slide. These also depend on customers signing up to a 36-month contract but after 18 months, all customers will be able to upgrade their handsets.

Orange UK director of pay monthly Neil Macgeorge said: “They are ideal for people who don’t want to go through a top-up process, are happy to commit to a contract, want the security of knowing that they won’t run out of credit and who want a phone included in the package. Some customers worry about handsets wearing out so the mid-term replacement means they needn’t be concerned.”

In addition, the operator has launched a range of 18-month SIM only contracts from £10 a month, which it said will provide up to 50 per cent more inclusive minutes and texts than the traditional rolling SIM only contracts.

Dolphin 10 offers 100 free minutes and 500 free texts, Dolphin 15 300 minutes and unlimited texts, Dolphon 20 800 free minutes and unlimited texts and Dolphin 30 1600 free minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data.

SIM-only customers will also be eligible for Orange’s Magic Numbers scheme which provides inclusive, unlimited calls to their favourite Orange mobile numbers.

Macgeroge said: “Our contract portfolio provides customers with more options to meet their individual needs, which is extremely important in today’s economic climate. For customers that are happy to keep their existing phone, our new SIM-only contracts are ideal as they offer even greater value for money.”

The new tariffs are now available in all Orange stores, selected indirect partners, through telesales and online at