3’s Skype numbers spike


3 has experienced a “jump” in customer numbers and Skype calls since launching its new proposition last month, helped by a multi million pound advertising campaign.

3 launched its free Skype-to-Skype calling for new and existing 3 prepay customers last month, which unlike its previous deal, no longer requires the customer to top up to make calls.

Speaking at the launch of a campaign against mobile termination rates with BT (see page 24) 3 revealed the first month of sales had increased. The company is spending up to £3 million per month in advertising across TV and print media. This month, it also launches the campaign in cinemas nationwide.

3 chief executive Kevin Russell (pictured) said: “Sales and usage have gone up remarkably. It’s a cracking proposition, and we have seen a great jump in Skype usage and are very happy with it.”

3 sales and marketing directors Marc Allera added: “It’s very early days, but we are very pleased with it. All new campaigns take time to get going, but we have seen some really pleasing results come through in terms of sales and usage.

“We are on TV at the moment and will be in cinemas nationwide in June, and also have a big out door campaign planned for June as well as an extension on what we are already doing.”