Dealer Sales Corner: Agito router


We’ve recently launched an updated version of the Agito RoamAnywhere router and are encouraging mobile dealers to sell it now it is compatible with more mobile handsets.

The router connects mobile workers’ calls through various wireless networks. It chooses the least cost route each time. Calls are routed through the enterprise Wi-Fi, mobile network, landline or through Wi-Fi hotspots.

RoamAnywhere 3.0 includes roaming and battery life enhancements, cost savings for roaming and international calls, a multi-vendor platform to allow users to view applications on their mobile device, a simpler user interface and compatibility with 12 more mobile handsets – which increases compatibility to 40 devices.

Handsets now compatible include Nokia Eseries, Nseries, Windows Mobile devices and BlackBerry smartphones. The Apple iPhone is not far behind. Enterprise customers just install the router which connects to existing infrastructure including PBX and landlines.

The product is pitched to enterprises of any size, but typically the public sector and universities pick of the product. Mobile dealers can rest assured we are 100 per cent channel focused.

We do not sell direct and have no plans to sell direct in the future. We’ve seen great success through the channel and now the product is available in the UK as RoamAnywhere 3.0 we think the mobile channel will be successful.

The pay structure is simple. The dealer picks up the product from us with a 30 per cent discount. It sells the product on for the full retail price, pocketing the difference.

The market price is around $10,000. We’ll sell it to dealers for $7,000, who then sell to customers for market price.

Dealers make a $3,000 profit on the sale. But it’s up to the dealer what they sell for. Some prefer to sign customers to a subscription, so there is complete flexibility.