Planet Of The Apps: Mobile applications


From cover to Shortcover

‘eReading’ is the latest trend to hit both the mobile and literature market. Shortcovers’ service is to launch in the UK soon, allowing users to choose to read anything from a magazine article, to a blog, to a single book chapter to an entire novel by choosing from the Shortcovers catalogue.

Content is both free and paid for. It includes traditional bestsellers, magazines, non-traditional content such as blogs and digital shorts, free samples such as first chapters of books, and user-created content.

Users can also share their favorite reads with their friends as the service provides tools for sharing via social networks such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Shortcovers works on an open platform, so developers around the world can leverage Shortcovers’ content, storefront, reader, and payment system on any new or existing smartphone.

The Canada-based company is looking to form relationships with mobile retailers.

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ipadio introduces ‘Phlogging’

New application ipadio has seen blogging evolve into ‘phlogging’ – phonecasting to the web directly from your mobile phone.

ipadio users can broadcast live to the internet via their mobile, or record it to be uploaded at a later time.

The recording can then be geo-located on a Google map, tagged and downloaded onto an MP3 player.

Mark Smith, chief executive of Nemisys, ipadio’s developer, said: “It’s a very simple concept. Talk into a phone and your voice comes out on the Internet live.

“If you can write it, you can say it, only quicker and sometimes in places where writing isn’t an option. ipadio is set to, literally, become the voice of the internet.”

ipadio is free to download, but networks may charge for the call at their normal call rates.

Other business applications could include live reviews on places, products, or personalities, from countries to casinos, from books to banking, and data collection by field agents. It has been used by the BBC for interviews.

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Always be keyed up with Sorex

Austrian firm Sorex Wireless has developed ‘wirelessKey’, an application that transforms most Bluetooth-enabled handsets into an electronic key for secure access to commercial or residential premises.

Businesses could use wirelessKey for access control and time logging, while the consumer version is suitable for tasks including automatic entry and garage control. Handsets are registered to a module that is mounted inside the doorway.

The business version of wirelessKey can accommodate up to 1,000 users. Access rights are managed centrally via the company’s network using software developed by Sorex.

The Sorex wirelessKey can be used to authenticate employee identity, manage access control and log working times. There would be no need to provide employees, suppliers and service staff with a key – all they would need to access company premises is a mobile phone.

Sorex is looking for innovative resellers.

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Call your Taxi4Me

The Taxi4me system is being developed by a company called T+1 solutions.

Taxi4me is a mobile location-based taxi ordering service application that allows users anywhere in the world to connect with trusted taxi companies.

The desired time and destination is sent from a user’s mobile phone to a taxi brokering server. Local taxi companies then submit competitive bids and proposed routes back to the consumer.

Taxi4me consists of three parts: a mobile application, a taxi brokering server and taxi company dispatcher application

The application is free to download, however, the taxi brokering server is available for franchising or white-label licensing to interested parties for local deployments.

The mobile application claims to be simple, allowing the user to specify their trip details. Upon receiving a range of journey offers from taxi companies, the user selects the most suitable one and accepts it. 

The service is in pre-launch phase.

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