Re-Tales: Deal makers (18/05/09)


Carphone Warehouse

Carphone is slashing the price of some of the latest handsets. It’s giving away the Nokia E75 free on Orange’s Racoon 45 tariff with 1,200 minutes and unlimited texts and internet browsing.

Customers pay £35 per month on an 18-month contract. That’s £10 less each month, totalling savings of £180. Samsung’s latest model, the Tocco Ultra Edition, is also slashed on Orange.

With the handset the Dolphin 30 tariff which includes 600 minutes and unlimited texts is cut by £5 per month to £25 on a 24-month contract.


Vodafone has gone Tweeting mad. By logging on to a Twitter account and entering a Vodafone mobile number customers can send and receive free tweets.

Customers more inclined to twang than tweet can pick up a Samsung Steel and Nintendo Wii with Guitar Hero free for £35 on a 24-month contract.

Customers will get 600 minutes, unlimited texts and mobile internet and email.


For ladies wanting to benefit from replenishing their make-up bag, O2 is giving away £30 of Benefit make- up with the Sony Ericsson T700 Red Gold.

The Benefit Thrrrob blusher and lipstick is being bundled in with the handset from tariffs starting from £19.58. Customers will get 75 minutes and 250 texts online on an 18-month contract.

Phones 4U

Talk about a credit crunch busting deal. Phones 4U is offering customers 11 months free on a 12-month contract with the Samsung U600i on Vodafone.

The Vodafone Anytime 30 tariff which usually is £30 per month offers 250 minutes and 100 texts. Customers can claim £330 by redemption. It also has an online offer for text-aholics.

On Vodafone Anytime Text which is typically £40 per month on an 18-month contract, customers will get 600 minutes and 3,000 texts for £30 for eight months. The Nokia 5800 ‘Tube’ is on this deal which is by redemption of £120.


Orange prepay customers have a one-in-three chance of winning a prize for topping up their mobile throughout the summer with its Bright Top Ups campaign.

Prizes range from European breaks, tickets to Glastonbury, portable barbeques and giant beach balls. 

On contract, the HTC Touch HD (pictured) is exclusive to Orange and is available from £78 on Dolphin 40 priced at £39.15 for 18 months. Customers get 900 minutes and unlimited texts.


JAG is offering a free Nintendo Wii with the LG KP501 ‘Cookie’ on Orange.

On a Dolphin 40 18-month contract customers will get 900 minutes and unlimited texts for £39.15 per month. 

On 3, JAG if offering a free Sony Ericsson G502 Black and Navigo Sat Nav on the 18-month £20 Texter tariff. Customers get 100 minutes and unlimited texts for £19.57.


An update of T-Mobile’s “Megadeal” now gives customers the choice of the Nokia 6600 Slide, Sony Ericsson C902 or Nokia 5800 ‘Tube’ for £10 cheaper per month on Combi 35 for 18 months.

The contract comes with 800 minutes and unlimited texts for £25, a saving of £180.


The Nokia E71 Grey is available free (for £20 a month on an 18-month contract). The tariff includes 200 minutes and unlimited texts and internet.

Customers can also get “free calls forever” with 3’s partnership with Skype. All handsets are compatible with the voice over IP service. 


LG Cookie is being bundled with either a free Nintendo Wii or Toshiba L300 Laptop on T-Mobile’s Combi 30 tariff for 18 months. It comes with 700 minutes and unlimited texts for £30 per month.