Uplands acquires Mobile Radio


Uplands Mobile is moving its acquisition strategy forward following the purchase of South West-based B2B dealer Mobile Radio’s customer base.

Uplands obtained around 4,000 O2 customers from O2 Advance Partner Mobile Radio, taking its overall base to more than 22,000 customers.

Uplands managing director Paul Hooper (pictured) said he would be looking to tie up similar deals with O2 dealers that may be struggling to meet the network’s required criteria.

“I’ve known Mobile Radio’s owner Steve Lawton for a long time and he’s always up for the challenge of new business but perhaps he was struggling to do the connection matrix for O2,” he said.

“As networks are placing more pressure on individual companies to perform and achieve the minimum connectivity and ARPU values, it is inevitable that some companies will have to look at their core competencies and may find that they have to look to work with others to strengthen their overall offerings.

“Steve recognised that sitting outside of the Centre of Excellence partnership with O2 was probably not the best thing for his company and was probably not enabling him to offer the very best offering to his business customers.”

Hooper added that not only would he consider future customer base purchases but acquisitions of actual dealerships.

“Our loyalty to O2 and our Centre of Excellence membership is well known and we’ll be looking to use that to acquire dealers that sit outside that circle or are part of it but struggling to achieve the targets set by O2.

“This won’t be the only customer base we’ll acquire this year.”

The Mobile Radio deal follows the launch of Uplands’ new website for its business customers. It has supported this with a direct mailout to be sent directly to 25,000 customers.