65pc of INQ users on Facebook


Around 65 per cent of INQ1 users use Facebook and around 30 per cent use email, according to data released by the start-up handset manufacturer.

The company claims that the INQ1 enables consumers to use an entry-level priced handset, often on prepay, to access data at levels typically reserved for more expensive smartphones.

It added that the figure for email usage surpassed its expectations as the INQ1 is a non-QWERTY device. INQ chief executive Frank Meehan (pictured) said: “This number confirms that email can penetrate into the mass market, and not be restricted to high-end, expensive smartphones.”
INQ claims Windows Live Messenger usage is around four times greater than on other 3G phones on the 3 UK network, with around 50 per cent of INQ1 customers accessing the service every month. Skype is used by 19 per cent of the INQ1 base.

3 sales and marketing director Marc Allera said: “If an internet communication service is well designed, always on, and simple to use then the take-up potential on mobile is huge. The reason people don’t use internet services on most devices – except the iPhone – is because the user experience on nearly all devices isn’t good enough. The INQ team has very successfully addressed this.”