118 800 mobile directory launches


A directory enquiry service listing mobile numbers will launch in the UK on June 18 allowing people to search listed numbers.

Users of the 118 800 service can either search for a mobile number online at www.118800.co.uk or call 118 800.

Through the online directory, the person being searched will receive a text message with the enquirer’s contact details enabling them to call the person.

The telephone service enables the recipient to accept or decline a call from the enquirer. If the number goes to voicemail, 118 800 leaves a voicemail or text message with the contact details.

The service is charged at £1 per search.

118 800 claims research showed nearly two-thirds of people favour a service which enables mobile listings.

People verified as over 18 years old are listed in the directory. To opt out the listing text ‘E’ to 118800 from the mobile phone number or call 0800 138 6263. Standard network charges apply.