CMA joins ‘Terminate the Rate’


The Communications Management Association (CMA) has joined 3 and BT’s ‘Terminate the Rate’ campaign to lower mobile termination rates (MTRs).

The CMA represents ICT professionals and enterprises using communications, networking and ICT for business advantage.

CMA chair Carolyn Kimber said: “Our members spend over £15 billion a year in the communications market so unfair levels of MTRs are a big issue. They represent some of the biggest mobile services spenders in the UK and so are disproportionately affected by these excessive charges.

“High mobile termination rates artificially inflate the cost of calling mobiles from landlines or from mobiles on another network. As such, they are an unfair tax on British businesses that are adding to companies’ running costs in already tough economic times. We support Terminate the Rate’s call to reduce MTRs to closer to their real cost – something like 1p.”

The ‘Terminate the Rate’ campaign was established by 3 and BT last month, claiming £750 million in excessive termination rates had been paid out to the “big four” networks.

Industry regulator Ofcom began its consultation on the next phase of regulation of MTRs on May 20 and is looking at several options. Final consultation submissions will be accepted until June 29.