Dealers warned: keep data secure


Dealers are being warned against handing customer data over to bogus security staff.

A South London store of a major high street mobile chain was targeted last week by a man posing as a representative of confidential document destruction company Shred Easy. Staff were suspicious as the man did not have a uniform or identification and did not hand any documents over. Shred Easy has reported the incident to police.

Shred Easy managing director Jim Watson said this occurred “quite frequently” in the mobile retail industry, with rival retailers attempting to get their hands on customer information and contract expiry dates.

Fraudsters could also use the information to hack into bank and credit card accounts.

Said Watson: “Scammers are targeting dealers to get their hands on valuable paperwork. There has been a spate of people pretending to be working for us and our competitors by trying to trick staff into handing over bags of confidential data.

 “Mobile phone dealers are vigilant in terms of securely storing their data but when it comes to the disposal of that information they must be alert to con artists trying to trick them into handing it over.

 “The loss of confidential phone numbers, contact details as well as details about contracts and customers would be devastating for some independent dealers.

“Dealers must be also be alert to the fact that their competitors are fighting tooth and nail to get their hands on data and in some cases we’ve heard reports of competitors sifting the bins outside dealerships to get confidential customer details so they can be poached at a later date.”

Dealers are advised to always ask security staff for identification and to store confidential data securely.