Parallel Lines: Enterprising data


I know the voice and unified communications channels well. If you look back at the market 10 years ago, it has changed dramatically. You have to support both the voice and data channels because of IP telephony and so on, rather than look at only voice.

The proportion of voice traffic versus data traffic going across mobile networks is changing rapidly. By 2010 the amount of traffic generated from data and in particular mobile broadband is going to be increasing exceptionally. It’s exciting.

I’ve seen there is a need to converge voice, video, data, and mobile applications into one solution. This enables communication from an employee’s desk or from a conference room. It is also useful for mobile workers in fleets of vehicles.

The telephony market is now worth around £22 billion globally and there is a certain trend happening. The standard fixed line market is being replaced and a lot is happening  with collaboration around communication services.

People’s information is key. As the number of people using social networking services increases and other communication tools are developed, we need to cater to this requirement.

The mobile is an extension of the services available at a company’s premises and it’s even more important now to have the same solutions out of the office as more people become mobile workers.

Full article in Mobile News issue 440 (June 1, 2009).

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