Dealer Sales Corner: BT Business One


We focus on fixed line but are able to offer our 600 plus active resellers the ability to sell not only voice bundles and lines, but also mobile and broadband – all priced collectively on a single bill.

We have a mixture of different resellers across fixed line, mobile, IT, hardware and applications. It’s a very broad community. Between 70 and 80 per cent of our resellers are small SME-focused businesses, operating in small retail stores or small workshops.

Businesses are looking for the best price, more so now than ever before. With the BT Business One Plan Plus we can analyse annual spend and put line rentals, call packages, voice bundles, mobile and mobile data services, BlackBerry, fixed broadband, all together under a single bill. We can then look at the best option and tailor an ideal package.

The One Plan Plus plan has become popular since BT introduced a bundle to include free calls from fixed line business numbers to colleagues using BT mobile. The ability for a business to contact its staff whilst they are out in the field provides them with substantial ways of saving money.

Resellers that have traditionally sold hardware and software to business customers and might earn a basic two-three per cent margin. Fine in itself, but they may not receive a penny from that customer again for a number of years, if at all.

By selling One Plan, they have the ability to offer an extra added-value service by offering to review customers’ telecom needs, including data services, as well as any extra bundles they normally pay for separately.

One Plan resellers receive an ongoing revenue share. If the customer signs up a two-year contract, for example, resellers get a commission each quarter the customer is billed. We also receive a commission from BT and we pass some of this commission on.

There is, in theory, no limit to what a reseller can earn in commission – the more the customer spends the more they make.